Hi I'm Daniel,

A coach specializing in EMPOWERING others to become better at life. This includes building and maintaining strong relationships, building self-confidence, achieving success and developing a winning mindset, all while sustaining a healthy mind, body and spirit.

I also do corporate events, workshops and conferences, giving talks on how to succeed in life, the importance of hard work, a happy and efficient work place, how to stop procrastinating, the fallacy of perfection, eliminating limiting beliefs and time management and productivity.

I decided to become an empowerment coach, because I believe that we all have to teach what we’ve learned at some point in our lives. In 10 years time, I transformed my life from being a broke DJ/musician living at home, with no direction and very little motivation, to being a self-confident and fulfilled individual, living a more than comfortable life, in a new country, with a beautiful family and a relatively low-stress existence. I was able to turn my life around, and I feel strongly about giving others the tools they need to do the same.

People do training programs and workshops to improve their skills and become better at their jobs, but when it comes to life, they do nothing. They just let life happen. Life is the most important thing you have! So why not excel at it?!

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My Story!

When I was 28, the band I had given my life and soul to since my early twenties, broke up after our record label went under. Our debut album was never finished and the tapes are probably still collecting dust, unfinished, in a basement somewhere. The strain of the situation breached my relationship with the two people I had called my best friends for so long. The common thread that had united us all those years, was gone. Putting the blame on others was easier than taking responsibility for the roles each of us had played. I let them go and looked on as their silhouettes faded slowly into the distance. I was alone, single and I guess, lost. I began to dive deeper into the nightlife and partake in the partying with reckless abandon. There were so many people, I never felt alone; until I woke up the next morning, by myself and not remembering how I got home.

I spent my days living in the present, without thinking whatsoever about the future, or the past. I thought I was happy. The problem was that I had so many demons in my past that I was starting to feel regret. I needed closure but I didn't know how to get it. Thinking about the future was just too scary, so it was better to ignore it. So there I was, living day to day with no destination. The only thing I knew, was that I wanted to make music and travel, but had no idea how to get started.

Then in 2008 I spent six weeks visiting my grandparents. That trip was the turning point in my life. I had forgotten what it was like to stop and take a break. I hadn't taken a vacation in years and never took the time to think about me. Always so concerned with music and money, that I had neglected myself, my sanity and my health. Those six weeks gave me focus and strength. For the first time in years, I wasn't thinking about music, or worrying about money. I decided that I had spent too much energy and life on music and that at this point, I was making it for all the wrong reasons anyway. I had been toying with the idea of going to culinary school for some time, but I always found an excuse not to do it. Not this time. As soon as I returned home to Miami, I enrolled in culinary school and my life would never be the same again.!

Self-Empowerment Coaching

1:1 Coaching - 6 months once a week (24 sessions)

What you get with this coaching program:

• 1 Weekly 60 min online video call (or in person if local to Bonn, Germany)

• Direct contact through voice chat or Text Message (SMS) throughout the week

• Weekly interactive assignments for your personal growth

• Unlimited Email Support

Price - $500 per month OR $2500 paid in full ($500 discount)

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Corporate Empowerment Coaching is NOW AVAILABLE

Group Coaching, Workshops and/or Key-Notes

To have a successful business you need successful employees. In order for your employees to succeed, they need to be happy. That means happy with their role in the company, their work environment, their daily tasks, but most importantly, happy to be part of your organization. Happy employees give a damn about the company's goals, direction and mission. They have higher levels of productivity, they pay more attention to the needs of customers and have higher engagement. Happy employees are more loyal and won't burnout as easily. Although pressure and deadlines can be stressful, if an employee truly enjoys their job, burnout is a lot less likely. This also means that in general, they will be healthier and eager to go above and beyond for the bottom line. Add to that the fact that happiness is contagious, making sure your employees are happy, will lead to growth and profits.

*Prices available upon request and are dependent on your company's needs.*


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